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    the Master in International Business

in 2003 I passed the admission examination for the 38th edition of the Master in International Business (Corce), organised by the Italian Foreign Trade Commision (ICE), an Italian government agency
after an intense year of studies and working experience, I passed my diploma as the best student of the course, with distinction for my project work

during the course, I could deepen the following subject areas:

  • International economics
  • International trade techniques (payments, transports, agreements, customs etc.)
  • International marketing (marketing researches, business planning, distribution etc.)
  • Business administration (PR, interpersonal relationships, organisation etc.)
  • Innovation

the cooperation with Promos was born from the working experience included in the study plan. To develop the project work I lived for two months in Shanghai. This experience gave me the opportunity to better understand the Chinese reality, so trendy nowadays


    the years at Bocconi University

I passed my degree in 1999 with an innovative (at that time) thesis about the exportation of the Italian industrial district model to the countries in transition, especially Romania. The question was if this development model could be useful for that economical reality. To know the answer, it is possible to download the paper that followed:

 Small enterprise clusters for local development in a transition context: the case of Romania ( 217 kb)

the supervisor was professor Sergio Alessandrini, co-director of ISLA political economy department at Bocconi University. If you are interested on the whole thesis, contact me!

after my degree, I cooperated for a while at a couple of research projects under the supervision of Sergio Alessandrini. The first project concerned the consequences of the EU enlargement towards East Europe on the outward processing trade between the Mediterranean countries, I managed the collection of the international trade data and its first elaboration:

 Patterns of vertical specialisation and European Outward Processing Trade (OPT): a Comparative Analysis between Mediterranean Countries and CEEC's. Is the real Competition? ( 212 kb, download from

the second project analysed the direct investments in the Mediterranean area. My task was to help the construction of a database about the direct investments on the countries taking data from several sources:

 FDI in the Mediterranean Region: a Comparison with CEE Experience ( 99 kb, download from

at this point my academic career was at an end and I entered the professional world!