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World Heritage game

in these pages you will find some information about my trips: mainly pictures but also some texts

  most important travels

Berlin 2007
a short trip with a new travel mate

Crete 2007
visit to the uncle and aunt

Israel and Jordan 2006
a travel little sad, during the umpteenth war

Caucasus 2005
the unfashioned coast-to-coast: from Baku to Batumi

China 2004
from Bryan and Xiao He's wedding to the terracotta warriors

honeymoon 2003
8,800 km between Syria and Turkey, on Vespa

former Yugoslavia 2002

Bucovina 2001

Eastern Europe 2000

Eclipse 1999

Maramures, Romania 1998
short but intense trip with Barbora (with pictures and text, in Italian)

Sarajevo 1998
short visit in the plagued by war city (text, in Italian)

Mission test 1996

Moscow 1995

Peloponneso 1995

maturità 1993

Ireland 1992


  World Heritage game

this game is very simple and is based upon an evolution of other games that groups of friends usually play: “how many capitals did you visit?”, “in which continents have you been?” etc.
I thought about it in 2000, when in Poland I realised that I saw, one after the other, by chance, many Polish sites included in the Unesco’s World Heritage List

for more information please visit the dedicated page