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World Heritage game
    the famous Unesco World Heritage game

this game is very simple and is based upon an evolution of other games that groups of friends usually play: “how many capitals did you visit?”, “in which continents have you been?” etc.
I thought about it in 2000, when in Poland I realised that I saw, one after the other, by chance, many Polish sites included in the Unesco’s World Heritage List

in 2004 I thought to create a spreadsheet to verify, between friends, how many sites have been visited: a fun “competition” was born. Now there are more than 20 players


the rules

the rules are very simple:

1. be honest and sincere, first of all with yourself
2. count how many sites included in the list of the World Heritage Unesco’s convention you visited in a meaningful way (this means that you visited it accurately, that it impressed you, that you have enough memories of it etc.)
3. every visited site is worth one point
4. who plays has to show his list to other players and has the right to see others’ lists

there is a general score table and partial score tables by geo-cultural areas



2006 score reserved for those who participated ( 740 kb - with password)

Excel spreadsheet for those who have to begin ( 215 kb)



Degree Confluence Project
during summer 2005 I met a couple of “players” of a project/game similar to this one but much crazier: you have to visit all meridian and parallel confluences: do you think it is absurd? Visit their website!

The game of 5 errors
another game based upon the Unesco World Heritage: try to find the differences between the pictures